Your Family Dentist’s Three Summertime Tips for Maintaining Healthy Teeth

As the summer season gets off to a start, I’m sure we are all looking forward to the good times the season brings. Your family dentist in Reynoldsburg knows that after being cooped up after a long winter, it’s nice to finally get out and about.

Your family dentist recommends apples as one of several “cleansing” foods that are good for your teeth.

But with the summer comes a host of activities – from playing sports to enjoying cold, sweet beverages – that could adversely impact the health of your teeth. Your family dentist encourages you to be proactive this summer to make sure you keep your teeth healthy. Here are three specific things you can do:

  • Eat “cleansing” foods. Apples, pears, and carrots are good choices, as they contain fiber and help to refresh and clean the mouth as they wash away bacteria and sugar from your teeth. Celery is good too. You can also protect your teeth with dietary protein – such as cheese, nuts and lunch meats – to help guard against acid that eats away at your tooth enamel.
  • Take it easy on the sweets. Not that you can’t have any sweets at all. Your family dentist knows that wouldn’t be fun! But practicing moderation would be a smart choice. Eating sweets in one sitting (such as during your meals) rather than constantly snacking on them throughout the day would be a good choice. This limits the amount of sugar that you consume – sugar that if over-consumed can then lead to cavities, plaque and a loss of enamel.
  • Drink water. Yes, nothing beats water to hydrate you in the summer. Plus water washes out bacteria and acid in your mouth and stimulates saliva production. For times when you would like another alternative to water, consider juicing your own fresh fruits and vegetables to make for tasty beverages. Fresh juice is much better for you than soft drinks or the sugary juices you get in the stores. If you absolutely have to drink a sugary beverage though, use a straw (as straws help to keep sugar away from the teeth) and rinse your mouth out with water once you’ve finished your beverage.

Of course, even though your schedule may get off course at times due to summer activities, that’s no reason to skimp on your bedtime brushing routines. Don’t forget to brush and floss each night – even if you’ve had a long day!

And if you’re due for a summertime check-up, don’t put that off either. If you live in the Columbus or Reynoldsburg areas, you’ll be glad to know that we’re here to serve your needs every season of the year. That’s right – we don’t take the summer off! So if you need a dental procedure or just a check-up, why not make an appointment today? In the meantime, have a safe and healthy summer!

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