Your Family Dentist and Braces: To See or Not to See

Odds are that someone you know has been to see their family dentist and has been told that they need braces.  Braces are a very common orthodontics tool to help in the straightening and correcting of the placement of teeth and a person’s bite.  Braces can be both cosmetic and/or structural depending on the state of your mouth.  Braces have been used for centuries now, in varying forms, by family dentists to assist in the shaping of teeth and jaws.  However, a lot of people are not a fan of braces because of the look that they are forced to submit to due to the metal brackets.

In response to this many family dentist offices now offer invisible braces, braces that are made from a clear plastic polymer.  These invisible braces give a much “cleaner” look for the patient, although they do present certain issues when dealing with wear and tear inside the mouth.  After all, the point of having your family dentist put in clear braces is to eliminate the large visual presence from your teeth.  However, due to friction between the teeth and the brackets has led many to lose their transparency.


Many family dentists offer clear braces in addition to the traditional metal brackets.


A new process using nanoparticles seeks to relieve that.  A new coating applied to the brackets has ben introduced in order to increase the resistance to friction and the overall resistance of the mechanical system, allowing the braces to retain their transparency.  This new coating is also biocompatible, an essential for anything going to be placed and used in the mouth.

Do you need braces?  When was the last time you made a visit to your family dentist?  Remember, if you bite doesn’t feel comfortable there is a good chance that something may be off.  Make it a priority to have regular checkups with your family dentist to maintain your good oral health.  If you live in Columbus and Reynoldsburg areas and are in need of any dental services, give us a call or set up an appointment online.  We offer a wide variety of services and would love to help you and your smile look and feel its best!

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