When Your Family Dentist Knocks You Out

If you live here in the Columbus and Reynoldsburg areas you no doubt know of the various exemplary medical centers in the capitol city.  Whether you are talking about the James Cancer Center or Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio has some of the very best facilities in the country.  These centers have extensive staffs and amenities to help patients recover from procedures.  Things are a little different when you visit your family dentist for an involved procedure, say a wisdom tooth extraction.  Your family dentist is completely capable of performing this oral surgery in his or her office and therefore the decisions involving anesthesia are a little different.

When you visit the hospital, even for outpatient surgery, you generally have ample time and space to recover from your anesthesia and procedure.  In your local family dentist office, you generally desire to get back home as quickly as possible to finish your recovery there.  As comfortable as that dentist chair may be, no one wants to be sitting in it for hours.  The perfect anesthesia for an oral surgery would be one that provides the correct depth of being “out” to provide the necessary comfort during the extraction, while also wearing off quickly enough for the patient to get on their feet and back to their life at home.

While your anesthesia isn’t this complicated at your family dentist office, it is just as important that you “go under” and “come out” as efficiently as possible.

Recently a number of family dentist groups participated in a double blind study to test the effects of two different anesthesia products.  One group of patients were given a continuous IV infusion of propofol-remifentanil while the other was given a similar injection of propofol-ketamine.  Being a double blind study, neither the patient nor the family dentist knew which anesthesia was being used during each procedure.  The results of the study were very interesting!

While both groups noted satisfaction with their respective anesthesia, the group given the remifentanil had an increase in their heart rate, while both groups showed the same level of sedation.  This same group “came to” in about 14 minutes, and was determined to be sufficiently recovered by their family dentist in about 43 minutes.  The second group noted both a quicker time in initial and complete recovery, by about half in both areas: coming to in around 7 minutes and leaving the chair in about 24 minutes.

If you have need for any kind of oral procedure, whether it is a simple cleaning or an involved fix for serious pain like a root canal or wisdom tooth extraction, call your family dentist here at the Loper practice.  We have a great, qualified staff and the best in modern equipment.  Make sure always ask your family dentist about any questions you have regarding any procedure you are having done.  We want you to be as informed as possible about your oral health.  If you need to make an appointment, give us a call or use our booking application on our website…we can’t wait to see you!

Source: Science Daily

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