Teething Baby? Loper Family Dentistry Offers Tips for Relief

Loper Family Dentistry’s Advice for Your Baby’s Dental Health 

If your baby is between four and twelve months old, he or she may be experiencing the pain of erupting baby teeth. This process may lead to excessive drooling and crying, and even fevers and rashes, as the teeth break through the gums. Typically, the full set of baby teeth appear by two and a half years of age. During the teething period, there are several things you can do to help soothe your baby’s discomfort. Here are the top teething tips from Loper Family Dentistry.


The period when children are teething often coincides with the period when they seem to put all kinds of objects in their mouths. This is because chewing on firm objects often helps alleviate the pain associated with teething. Specially-made wooden teething toys are a new popular trend. Gel-filled teething rings that can be refrigerated or frozen can be particularly soothing. Some parents like to freeze banana chunks for this purpose. Remember to closely supervise your child anytime he or she is eating.


Medicated gels with anaesthetic properties can provide temporary relief by numbing the gums around erupting teeth. Loper Family Dentistry recommends these quick and affordable remedies that are available at just about any grocery or drugstore.

Caring for New Teeth

You can prevent dental complications and additional pain by keeping your baby’s new teeth clean. Lots of products are available for this purpose. For babies, special dental wipes are a good option; simply wipe the baby teeth with the cleaning cloth and throw it away. Loper Family Dentistry strongly recommends that brushing should be established as a twice-a-day routine as quickly as possible for young toddlers. Use age-appropriate toothbrushes and tiny amounts of children’s toothpastes.

The key to relieving your baby’s discomfort is keeping objects and products on hand that work for him or her. Try several teething products or oral gels to see what provides the best relief for your child. Avoid additional problems and begin your child’s tooth care habits right from the very start by helping him or her brush twice daily; discourage your child from swallowing the toothpaste. Following these simple steps will keep your baby healthier and happier. Loper Family Dentistry recommends that children have their first dental check-up between the ages of two and three. Call 614-864-7731 to schedule your child’s first visit with Loper Family Dentistry.

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