Paying for Dental Care

Need a crown or a root canal that your dental insurance doesn’t cover? Or perhaps you have no dental insurance at all.

Sometimes dental procedures can be costly, so your family dentist advises you to be aware of your options for paying for dental care.

Many people do not have dental insurance and have to pay for their dental care out-of-pocket. Still, others do have dental insurance but they still might have a hefty co-pay on certain procedures that could set them back. Whatever your case may be, your family dentist in Columbus Ohio is aware that many people are concerned about how to pay for their dental care.

If you have dental insurance through your employer, what’s covered in your dental plan depends on the amount your employer puts into the plan. Your plan will usually cover usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) charges as set by the insurance company, but then you may have to pay whatever is not covered under the UCR. Also, certain dental plans you may be enrolled in may want you to seek dental care from their preferred providers. Usually, these preferred providers have signed contracts with that particular dental plan. So if you opt to go to a dentist that is not a preferred provider, you will most likely incur more out-of-pocket costs.

If you have no dental insurance at all and find yourself having to undergo expensive dental procedures, you may want to consider financing. However, only finance what you feel you can reasonably afford in a set amount of time. Often you can secure financing through your dentist’s office, and this financing may entail securing a health care credit card. With this credit card you can receive a no-interest payment plan. These plans typically give you a set amount of time – between six to 18 months – to pay your balance without paying interest. However, these plans do require that you pay a minimum monthly payment and have the balance paid in full in the time allotted. If you don’t pay it off on time the interest charges will be piled on to your debt. It’s important that when you get financing that you understand the monthly payments that are due and exactly how long you have to pay off the balance.

Whether you have dental insurance or have to pay out-of-pocket for your dental health services, we will work with you to help you receive the dental care you need. If you live in the Columbus or Reynoldsburg areas and need a family dentist, we are ready and prepared to make your mouth as healthy as it can be. And if you need a little extra help paying for services, we can assist with that, too. Check out CareCredit, a health care financing program that we happily accept.

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