If You’re Over 30, You Need to See Your Family Dentist!

I know that sometimes I can sound a little like a broken record:  have you seen your family dentist lately?  When was your last visit to the family dentist?  I know I recommend/ask this a lot, but it is only because I care so much!  And a new survey conducted and released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has shown that those worries and cares are not misplaced.  I will say it one more time: go see your family dentist!  Now let me explain why this is so very important.

Survey data reported less than a month ago in the Journal of Dental Research stated that nearly half of all Americans aged 30 and over have some form of periodontal disease!  Yes you read that correctly: roughly half.  That is about 65 million people with at least a mild form of gum disease.  Different variables can either increase or decrease your likelihood of having the disease, such has average income, education level, whether you are a smoker, but it is a real issue across the board.  Dr. Robert Grenco called periodontal disease “one of the most prevalent non-communicable chronic diseases in our population, similar to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.”

The risk of periodontal disease only increases with age, so see your family dentist now to keep your oral health at its best.

Regular brushing and flossing of your teeth are great steps to maintaining your oral health, but it is unwise to neglect the experienced and knowledgeable eye of your family dentist.  It is recommended to have a check up and cleaning twice a year for this very reason, to catch the disease as soon as possible and counter act it to keep your smile looking great for years to come.  So, all this to say that if you are 30 years old or older and you haven’t been to see your family dentist in the last six months, you should really check in and see how you’re doing.  If you don’t have a regular family dentist come and see us; we’ve been serving the Columbus and Reynoldsburg areas of Ohio for years and we would love to help you and your family.

Source: ADA News

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