Your Family Dentist agrees about children’s oral health: Two Minutes Twice a Day

How often are your children brushing their teeth and for how long? And when it comes to your kids, do you often find that the subject of tooth brushing can be a source of conflict in your household? If so, you’re not alone, as your family dentist in Reynoldsburg Ohio well knows.


Your family dentist recommends two minutes twice a day to maintain good oral health (and equally precious smiles) for your children.

In fact, according to an Ad Council survey released in August 2012, about one-third of parents report arguing with their kids at least once a week about brushing their teeth.  In this same survey, only 44 percent of parents say that their children brush their teeth twice a day or more. And 60 percent of parents with children ages 12 or younger say they do not regularly help their children brush their teeth or check to make sure they’ve done a good job.

The thing is, it takes so little time to maintain good oral health. And that’s what a recent national campaign devoted to pediatric oral health is stressing. The Kids’ Healthy Mouths public service campaign is aimed at parents and caregivers throughout the United States and stresses the importance of brushing for two minutes twice a day. A coalition of more than 35 dental organizations has joined with the Ad Council to launch the campaign. The campaign is the first in the Ad Council’s 70-year history to address oral health.

The campaign features TV, radio, print, outdoor and digital public service announcements(PSAs) that poke fun at all the crazy things children spend their time doing then highlight that it only takes two minutes twice a day to help maintain a healthy mouth and prevent future oral pain.

All of the PSAs direct parents and caregivers to a dedicated website –, where parents and children can watch entertaining videos and listen to music – all two minutes in length.  As a family dentist, I encourage you to check out the website and watch the videos with your children. The more we can become aware about the need for children to thoroughly brush their teeth, the better.

And it’s also important for children to see the family dentist twice per year for regular cleanings and check-ups. So if you live in the Columbus or Reynoldsburg areas and need a caring family dentist for your children, go ahead and make an appointment today. We can’t wait to meet your children!

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