Bad Breath – Identifying the Culprit

How serious is this common oral ailment?

Bad Breath

Mouth odor is a natural byproduct of your biological processes. Just like any other part of the human body, your mouth produces a particular odor.  Bad mouth odor, or halitosis, can range in levels of severity and can be caused by poor oral hygiene, diet, or medical conditions.

Depending on the foods you eat and the bacteria your mouth accumulates on a regular basis, bad breath is a problem that affects most people on different levels. Acidic or spicy foods can linger in the mouth and affect breath in the short term. Anything with high amounts of garlic or onions is also guaranteed to affect your breath. Low card diets can produce something known as ‘ketone breath’, which is distinguished by a fruity smell. Ketone breath happens over time and can be altered with changes to your diet.

Other common mouth conditions that affect your breath are gum disease and dry mouth. Saliva works to clean the mouth by flushing out the natural buildup of bacteria in your mouth. When there is a shortage of saliva, your breath is often negatively affected – for instance, in the morning after you wake up. Saliva production is significantly smaller when you sleep.

Situational bad breath is usually the result of eating very pungent foods or partaking in activities like smoking and drinking. Tobacco has extremely detrimental affects on the human mouth and can often linger in the form of unpleasant odor. Cavities can also retain particles of food that accumulate bacteria and increase the likelihood of mouth odor. Proper dental hygiene is the best way to guarantee that mouth odor doesn’t negatively impact your ay-to-day life. Short-term remedies include breath mints, gum, and mouthwash.

Bacteria are a normal component of the human mouth; it’s only when these naturally occurring microbes interact with food particles that bad odor can be a byproduct. If you have some form of halitosis and can’t determine the cause, consult your family dentist. If you notice a sudden increase in the frequency of your breath problems, don’t ignore this development.. Bad breath can be a sign of more serious illnesses.


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