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Can a Family Dentist Feel like Family?

One of the biggest reasons people don’t go see their family dentist enough is out of fear.  There are lots of fears that may keep someone from coming: the fear of cost, the fear of pain, and maybe the most misguided – the fear of judgment.  Would you be afraid of going to visit a member of your family or a close friend?  Your family dentist desires to have the same kind of relationship with you!  If you’re searching for a dentist in Reynoldsburg, our dental office is a place of smiles, friendship, and openness.  If you’re looking for a family dentist, we would love to start a new relationship with you and your loved ones.

We offer the total spectrum of professional dental care based on the philosophy of prevention of dental problems. After an initial examination appointment that includes an oral exam, periodontal exam, radiographic exam, and prophylaxis (cleaning), we provide a free consultation to explain any and all work that is needed. We will then quote fees, discuss length of treatment, and provide financial options to make your dental care affordable. Senior citizens receive the Golden Buckeye Courtesy.

The Loper Dentistry Family

Our Mission

Dr Paul M Loper D.D.S. has served Reynoldsburg, Columbus and the surrounding areas since 1980. Our mission is to become the premier family dentistry practice in central Ohio. Our office uses the most up to date materials and technology available while providing an atmosphere of mutual respect, confidence and trust between our patients and our staff.